Ten missiles are launched by North Korea, One of which lands close to South Korean waters.

On Wednesday, North Korea fired at least 10 missiles into the sea off its east and west coasts; one of these missiles sailed close to South Korean waters and raised the alarm for an air raid on a populated island, where residents took cover.

In retaliation, South Korea launched missiles from fighter jets into waters close to the territory of the North.

The South’s Defense Ministry claimed that although all the missiles landed in international waters, the exchange marked the first time missiles had been launched across the maritime border between the Koreas.

According to Mr. Chung, the island-wide siren was activated, but the cause was not immediately disclosed to the locals. We “knew that it was a North Korean missile when we watched news flashes,” he claimed.

The South’s military later claimed that three warning air-to-land missiles fired by its F-15K and KF-16 fighter jets into international waters were relatively distant from the North’s own territorial waters.

According to South Korea’s transportation ministry, the vicinity of Ulleung was off-limits to aviation traffic until Thursday morning.

The fact that the North Korean test took place during a joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States was predictable, but the missile’s trajectory toward Ulleung island was shocking.

According to Lee Byong-Chul, a North Korean expert at Kyungnam University in Seoul’s Institute for Far Eastern Studies. North Korea has continued to engage in power-for-power conflict and brinkmanship with the United States and South Korea. There will probably be additional conflicts.

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