USA destroyed a gas pipeline in Russia? World War 3 Could Be Sparked by Nord Stream 2

The leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines, which transport natural gas from Russia to Europe, were caused by sabotage, according to the secretary-general of NATO. USA Destroyed A Gas Pipeline In Russia? Nord Stream 2

On Twitter, Jens Stoltenberg said, “Discussed the sabotage on the NorthStream pipelines with Defence Minister Morten Bdskov.” “We discussed the safeguarding of vital infrastructure in NATO nations.”

On the Baltic Sea’s bottom, Nord Stream 1 and 2 transport Russian gas to Germany. Germany never inaugurated Nord Stream 2 since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

It was finished last year. German security officials claim that salt water that might erode the interior of the pipelines could irreversibly destroy Nord Stream 1.

Russian pipelines were attacked, and some people suspected that Russia was responsible. An unnamed British military insider told The Times of London that the strike was “definitely plotted and prepared for” some weeks before it took place.

Michael Clarke, a British military specialist, declared that “this is not some random act of terrorism; it has to be a government.” The spokespeople for the governments of Poland and Ukraine concurred that Russia was responsible for the attack, saying “Privately, everyone is sure this is a Kremlin-inspired piece of sabotage.”

But instead of blowing up the pipelines, which cost over $20 billion and are the only direct route Russia has for delivering gas to Germany, Russia could have curtailed natural gas supplies like it did earlier this month, citing an oil spill as the justification.

Additionally, Russian President Vladamir Putin has been open about his desire to keep supplying Europe with natural gas. On September 16, Putin remarked that lifting the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 was necessary if Europe needed more natural gas.

The main line, he said, is that if you feel the need or find it difficult, simply hit the button to waive the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which produces 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually, and everything will be OK. USA Destroyed A Gas Pipeline In Russia? Nord Stream 2

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