Is Chinese President Xi Jinping Under House Arrest?

What’s Happening?

Unconfirmed sources from China have revealed shocking facts about Xi Jinping, the president of the South Asian nation.

Several media outlets said on Saturday that Chinese President Xi Jinping is presently under house arrest and that the army is currently in charge of the nation’s capital Beijing.

Neither India TV nor any other reputable Chinese media outlet has independently validated the allegations.

According to reports, Xi was stopped at the airport on his way home from the SCO on September 16 and is likely presently being held under house arrest.

According to a Bloomberg article, the decision highlights Xi’s willingness to remove powerful party figures ahead of a crucial Congress when he is anticipated to win a record-breaking third term in office. The party’s leadership for the ensuing five years will be chosen during the meeting on October 16.

The change occurs a day after Bloomberg reported that a Chinese court had handed down a life sentence to a former senior security officer, concluding a crackdown on the “political clique” he headed against Xi Jinping just weeks before a major Communist Party reshuffle.

President Xi Jinping may have been placed under house arrest by the People’s Liberation Army, according to tweets from Chinese accounts, despite the Chinese media’s failure to substantiate the rumors (PLA).

Let’s see, is this rumor turning into reality or remains a rumor?



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