What cause Russian citizen lead to panic II Putin biggest announcement II Russian-Ukraine War

The secretary general of NATO said on Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin’s veiled threat to use nuclear weapons in response to Russian defeats in Ukraine was “dangerous and reckless rhetoric” and that the only way to end the war was to demonstrate that Moscow will not prevail on the battlefield.What cause Russian citizen lead to panic Russian-Ukraine War

In a separate interview with Reuters, Jens Stoltenberg stated that Putin’s declaration of Russia’s first military mobilization since World War Two will intensify the fight and result in more casualties. However, the NATO supremo said, it also demonstrated that Putin had made a “huge error” by ordering Russia to invade its neighbor on February 24.

In addition to stating that he had ordered an increase in funds to improve Russia’s weapons manufacturing, Putin stated that “mobilization events” would start on Wednesday. This was the first time since the conflict’s start in late February that he had provided any more information.What cause Russian citizen lead to panic Russian-Ukraine War

Although Putin reiterated that there would be no general conscription of Russian males of fighting age, he did affirm that military reservists would be called up for active duty.

The partial mobilization of the Russian populace, including the activation of military reserves and an increase in weapon manufacture, has been ordered by President Vladimir Putin. Putin declared in a prepared statement that the West “wants to destroy our nation.” In remarks translated by Reuters, he asserted that the West had attempted to “convert Ukraine’s population into military fodder.”

The Russian Duma, the country’s parliament, voted on Tuesday to tighten Russia’s criminal code regarding military service, including increasing the punishment for desertion and other “crimes committed in conditions of mobilization, martial law, armed conflicts, and hostilities.” Morale is thought to be low among Russian troops fighting in Ukraine.

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