Why Hindus and Muslims are fighting on the streets of UK’s Leicester ?

According to media sources, problems began after the cricket match between India and Pakistan on August 28 and got worse throughout the weekend. Community leaders on both the Hindu and Muslim sides have urged restraint, as have the police and the local MP.Why Hindus and Muslims are fighting on the streets of UK

Demographic profile of Leicester UK?

Specifically, the proportion of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Other religions was higher compared to the England benchmark. Also, people from most minority religions and those of no religions were concentrated at a young age band, whilst there were higher proportions of Christians, Hindus, and Jews at older age bands, said as per the report

According to the study, which The Indian Express cited, the percentages of Muslims and Hindus were about equal (7.4% and 7.2% of the population, respectively), while Sikhs made up 2.4% of the population. Christians made up about 55% of the population.

What’s going on in Leicester?

On Sunday, Leicester Police wrote on Twitter, “Parts of East Leicester experienced serious disorder yesterday evening (Saturday, 17 September) into this morning (Sunday) when large crowds formed after groups of young men began an unplanned protest.”

There have been “several reports of an outbreak of disturbance in portions of the East Leicester region of the city,”

according to Rob Nixon, the interim chief constable of Leicestershire Police, and as a result, more officers and resources have been deployed to the area to take control of the situation. “Please refrain from interfering. We want serenity,” he stated.

The cause of the unrest?

Since India and Pakistan played a game in the Asia Cup T20 on August 28, there has been an increase in tension in some areas of Leicester. With two balls left in the game, India prevailed. Why Hindus and Muslims are fighting on the streets of UK

Violence erupted as fans of India congregated in Leicester’s Belgrave neighborhood to rejoice in the victory. A man’s T-shirt was pulled off while others were seen pounding him, and that’s when it all started.

Videos that have been circulating on social media show supporters yelling “Pakistan Murbabad” while going down the street while wearing a Team India shirt.

One individual is shown being arrested by a police officer while lying on the ground, while a man is seen being beaten up and having his shirt torn off in a video.


As per as, the Hindu community has seen hate crimes. On September 18, a video that was shared online depicted temple destruction. Rashmi Sawant, a human rights advocate for Hindus, claims that the community’s automobiles and other assets were also destroyed.

Drishti Mae, 31, a lifelong Leicester resident who used to chair a national Hindu organization, told The Guardian, “It’s the Hindu community that’s being targeted, a first-generation migrant community.” She said that Hindu families were being harassed by some Muslims in the city.

What are Leicester’s city officials saying?

“We have lived in harmony in the city for many decades but over the past few weeks, it is clear there are things that need to be discussed around the table to get out what people are unhappy about. Resorting to violence is not the way to deal with this,” the report quoted Patel as saying.

“We are horrified and deplore what was going on (yesterday) and across the last two weeks,” Patel told the BBC. “Across the Hindu and Jain community and with our Muslim brothers and sisters and leaders we are consistently saying ‘calm minds, calm heads.”

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