China’s officials blocked from Queen’s Funeral : Report

According to UK media sources on Friday, the UK has denied permission for a high-level Chinese government team to attend Queen Elizabeth’s Lying-in-State at Westminster Hall inside the Parliament complex before the burial at Westminster Abbey on September 19.China’s officials blocked from Queen’s Funeral

According to Politico and the BBC, House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle reportedly turned down a request for entrance to Westminster Hall because China has sanctioned five members of the British Parliament and two peers for saying Beijing mistreats the Uighur Muslim minority inXinjiang.

The media reported that China would be present at the burial but would not be permitted to enter the Parliament building, despite the House of Commons assurance that it did not comment on security considerations.

According to sources, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been invited by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) in his capacity as the Head of State of a nation with whom the UK has diplomatic ties. It is anticipated that Wang Qishan, the vice-president, and a Chinese delegation will be dispatched in his stead.

The most recent development came after the sanctioned MPs voiced concerns about the Chinese President’s invitation to the funeral in the first place.China’s officials blocked from Queen’s Funeral
China sanctioned nine people and four organizations in the UK in March of last year in response after Britain slapped penalties on Chinese officials for suspected violations of human rights in its Xinjiang province.

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