USA Obstruct Russian Foreign Minister, May Destroy United Nation?

Lack of US Visa To attend Sergey Lavrov (foreign minister of Russia) UN General Assembly alarms Russia. USA Obstruct Russian Foreign Minister

USA is currently blocking the visa for USA of Sergey Lavrov, so that he could not attend the UN general assembly.

Many Asian countries including China, criticizes this step of USA toward Russia. As, Russia has full rights to participate and confer its speech at UN General assembly.

USA has already made many sanctions towards Russia, vice versa.  But since the UN general assembly is at USA, Therefore Russia find this difficult. This step may indirectly lead toward the smash of the unity worldwide.

United States of America flag and Russian Federation desk flags 3D illustration.


As, a global community we need to acknowledge  that what was the initial reason behind the commencement of world war. One biggest reason was that there were no proper assembly, where countries could discuss their issues and eventually lead to war.


Considering about current scenario, where USA is blocking Russian minister could destroy UN general assembly integration, which may be a big flaw not only for a country but also to the whole global nation.

Russia may convince other countries to set back from UN General Assembly, that can bring crack in UN general assembly.


Russia may attend the UN general assembly through video conferencing and present their speech. USA Obstruct Russian Foreign Minister


“Peace is the only way, which can stop the way toward war, and all our Earth need is Harmony”

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