“Foreign Policy Is No Longer Impacted By Vote-Bank Politics” : Dr. Jaishankar Claims

The External Affairs minister were forced to limit ourselves from improving ties with Israel due to some political considerations. Foreign Policy Is No Longer Impacted By Vote

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The first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel was “PM Modi”.

The days of setting aside the national interest in favor of vote-bank politics are no longer, S Jaishankar asserted that the days of vote-bank politics dictating foreign policies are over, citing India’s current position on Israel as proof of the shift in thinking. Foreign Policy Is No Longer Impacted By Vote

In 1962, the relationship between Israel with India was not open. Even though Israel helped India, many times but at that time PM ” Jawaharlal Nehru ” appealed to Israel to deliver weapons on ships that did not fly the Israeli Flags.

However, Ben Gurion had put his foot down saying” No Flag. No Weapons.”

India has tried to open their relationship with Israel in the past 7 to 8 years, and that benefitted both countries so far.



Israel uses smart technologies to keep water running.

  • water recycling – The process of collecting, treating, and using wastewater, particularly from municipalities, industry, and agriculture

  • Desalination – This process turns seawater into high-quality drinking water.

  • Drip Irrigation System – It supplies plants with the right amount of water in the agricultural fields. This technology increases water efficiency by 70 – 80 %.

  • Combating leaky Infrastructure – Many Israeli’ companies have created great technology, to improve the efficiency of urban water systems, track the leakage problems of the country, and preserve water at home.

India also signed Free Trade Agreement with Israel to attribute great importance to the UN Sustainable Development. UAE, ISRAEL, AND INDIA will come together and ensure a target of 100 billion trade between them.

The minister for external affairs also praised the Narendra Modi administration, calling it “a great strength” to hold the position at this time.

Various benefits could be attained from the open friendship relationship between these countries. Altogether India and Israel are working on various projects.


If an issue develops around the globe, we shouldn’t become involved, according to Jaishankar. In a way, this is also dogma. Maybe we lacked the ability in the 1950s and 1960s. We each had our own hobbies.

But as of recently, our economy has risen to fifth place in the globe. It is impossible for an entity at number 20 and one at number 5 to think in the same way.


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