Announcement from USA to help Pakistan: “SHOCKED INDIA”

Pakistan’s F-16 fleet maintenance program will receive a USD 450 million approval from the Biden Administration.USA Announcement to help Pakistan

The USA will provide assistance to Pakistan, The broader bilateral relationship between the United States and Pakistan includes an important role in Pakistan’s F-16 program.

After Trump said in 2018 that he would cease all defense and security aid to Pakistan on the grounds that Islamabad was not a partner in the country’s fight against terrorism, this is the first significant security support to Pakistan.

By preserving its F-16 fleet, the proposed sale will maintain Pakistan’s ability to respond to both present and future counterterrorism threats. The F-16 fleet enables Pakistan to support counterterrorism operations, and in answer to a query, the source added, “We expect Pakistan to take continuous action against all terrorist organizations”.USA Announcement to help Pakistan

According to the Pentagon, this planned sale will help the US achieve its foreign policy and national security goals by preserving Pakistan’s ability to work with US and ally forces in existing counterterrorism operations and in planning for upcoming contingency operations.

Image: Getty via AFP

The planned sale will help maintain Pakistan’s F-16 fleet, whose strong air-to-ground capabilities significantly increase Pakistan’s capacity to support counter-terrorism operations. It said that Pakistan will have no trouble incorporating these goods and services into its military forces.

The proposed sale of this support and equipment, according to the Congressional notification, won’t change the overall military balance in the area.

The question arises, whether Pakistan uses this against terrorist organizations or India?

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