5 Ways You’re Stop Wasting Time At The Gym

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5 Ways You’re Stop Wasting Time At The Gym

In our busy lives, exercise frequently competes for time with spare time. Who has the time and flexibility to work out for 60-80 minutes at the gym, not counting the travel time? You can make changes if you think your workouts are taking too long. Continue reading for seven strategies that will help you shorten your workout by a significant amount of time so you can fit in more exercise each week.5 Ways You’re Stop Wasting Time At The Gym

1.Warm Up Better

One need to have proper warn up once your enter the gym. you should at least do 10 min treadmill, 5 min cycling and some streaking

2.Eliminate Distractions

people sit around the gym and kill time by scrolling through Facebook and sending life-changing texts like “k.” Instead of wasting time, no texts, no social media, and no books or magazines. Just get to the gym, keep your head down, and do your workout. By the way, if you’re exercising at the right intensity, you should be focused on catching your breath between sets, not tweeting.

3. Make A specific plan

Walk into the gym with a plan ready to rock. Here’s what you should know in advance: your warmup drills, your exercises, the number of sets and reps, and what weight you will use.

4.Give Yourself a Time Limit

Funny how you can do a task in exactly 10 minutes if you only have that much time. If your workouts go on for too long, set a timer and push yourself to complete as quickly as possible. When the alarm goes off, you may leave the gym without feeling bad about how much you accomplished. It could feel too quick at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find that you’re getting more productive.

5.Know Your Substitutes

You might find yourself waiting for a bench press, biceps , or squat  at the gym in spite of your best efforts to keep busy.  Do a replacement rather than waiting. Want to bench press with a barbell? Find a bench or the floor, grab some dumbbells, and perform floor presses. Desire T-bar rows? Use cables or do Smith Machine inverted rows. In addition, if the squat rack is taken, perform goblet squats with a heavy dumbbell.


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