No boycott on Chinese phones below Rs 12,000 – Government’s intellect

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According to a Bloomberg article from earlier this month,

India was attempting to revive its indigenous economy by stopping the manufacture of Chinese mobile phones. No boycott on Chinese phones below Rs 12,000 – Government’s intellect

Government sources told CNBC TV18 on August 29 that there is no plan being considered to outlaw Chinese cellphones priced less than Rs 12,000;

days earlier, reports claimed that New Delhi was considering measures to banish less expensive made-in-China phones from the domestic market.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the administration “would not strive towards the exclusion of international brands.”

To “guarantee room for Indian enterprises and Indian suppliers,” however, measures would be implemented.

The source stated that the government’s goal is for there to be room in the electronics industry for Indian companies and that

“whenever we feel that Indian businesses are being crowded out owing to unfair tactics we would intervene.”

As Reported By CNBC TV18

The government’s clarification comes about three weeks after a Bloomberg story said that the Indian government was attempting to prevent Chinese smartphone manufacturers from dominating the market segment for devices priced less than Rs. 12,000.

According to research firm Counterpoint,

China contributed to roughly 80% of the shipments of smartphones priced under Rs 12,000 ($150),

which made up one-third of the country’s overall smartphone sales during the April–June quarter.

Companies like Xiaomi Corp. and its competitors would have suffered greatly from a regulation that prohibited Chinese smartphone firms from competing in the market for less expensive devices.

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