Why is it difficult to assist Pakistan even though India wants to?


Why is it Difficult To Assist Pakistan Even INDIA Wants To

The idea put forth by Pakistan’s finance minister, Miftah Ismail, that the nation may think about importing vegetables from India to help with a growing food crisis brought on by floods, did not hold up well over time.

(Image credit Hindustan Times) :- Women prepare food beside their belongings as they take refuge on a higher ground, following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Gari Yasin, Shikarpur, Pakistan August 31, 2022.(REUTERS)

In a media briefing on Tuesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stated that he would only consider buying anything from India if “irritants,” which is Pakistani slang for Kashmir, had been “settled.” Folks, there is nothing to see here.

Pakistan is experiencing a monsoon on a grand scale. A third of Pakistan is under water as a result of the monsoons’ extraordinary fury, which would inevitably result in millions of deaths and hardships.

The cost of reconstruction is initially estimated at $10 billion, thought that figure may be extremely conservative. Why is it Difficult To Assist Pakistan Even INDIA Wants To

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