Gujarat wins $20 billion project from Maharashtra II Gujarat Becomes India’s No.1 Manufacturing Hub

A political firestorm erupted in Maharashtra after a joint venture of Indian mining conglomerate Vedanta and Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn, which held talks with the state to set up its new semiconductor plant. Gujarat Becomes India’s No.1 Manufacturing Hub

Signed an MOU with the Gujrat government on Tuesday to locate its project there.

The long-held aspirations of Maharashtra to become a powerhouse for this cutting-edge industry are dealt a fresh blow by the proposed $20 billion Vedanta-Foxconn semiconductor fabrication project at Ahmedabad in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat.
Maharashtra, the richest state in India, has previously fallen short in the competition for chip production.

Navi Mumbai was dominating the competition for the public sector Semiconductor Complex Ltd (SCL) facility in 1976 when the Indian central government chose to establish a semiconductor manufacturing plant.

There had been a lot of preparation, and the project office had been established in the renowned Air India building at Nariman Point in India’s financial center.

Sometime in May 1976, the union Cabinet meets to begin the story.

The cabinet, which was presided over by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, approved the creation of SCL to further India’s plans to produce semiconductors. At the time, Taiwan, Israel, and even China weren’t nearly the semiconductor powerhouses they are now, so the timing was right.

The industry, which had taken off with the development of the first integrated circuit by Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductor International in 1959, was dwarfed by the United States of America.Gujarat Becomes India’s No.1 Manufacturing Hub

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