what does the Indian National Logistics Policy aim to achieve ?

Need for a logistic policy

Transportation services for moving goods, storage facilities that are especially important for trade in perishable goods like food, fruits, and vegetables, and the efficient operation of governmental services that facilitate trade like licensing and customs are all considered to be part of logistics.what does the Indian National Logistics Policy aim to achieve

What is the plan ?

According to a research, logistics costs in India account for almost 13% of GDP, PM Modi stated when the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan for Multi-Model Connectivity was introduced in October 2021. In industrialised nations, this condition does not exist. The competitiveness of Indian professionals is significantly lowered by high logistic costs.

Gujarat, Punjab, and Haryana were rated as the top three states for logistics ease in a Ministry of Commerce and Industry assessment last year titled “Logistics Ease Across Different States.”

The factors taken into consideration were the standard of the road and rail networks, the cost of shipping goods by road, the standard of the warehousing facilities, etc. According to the report, governments should prioritise building infrastructure for sector-specific talent development and simplifying procedures for clearance and approval connected to logistics.

Feature of the National logistic poilcy

The Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP), Ease of Logistics (ELOG), System Improvement Group, and Integration of Digital System (IDS) are the four components of the new logistics policy (SIG). The IDS integrates 30 distinct systems from seven agencies, including information from the departments of road transportation, railroads, customs, aviation, and commerce.

The Prime Minister said that a ULIP, or Unified Logistics Interface Platform, would “bring all the digital services relating to the transportation sector under a single interface.” Similar to this, a new digital platform called Ease of Logistics Services (E-Logs) has been launched to let business groups communicate with the government to address problems.

What strategies is the government employing to improve logistics?

In his Independence Day address from the previous year, the prime minister said: “In the coming days, we will announce PM Gati Shakti Plan, a 100 lakh crore national infrastructure master plan which would establish a foundation for holistic infrastructure and offer an integrated route to our economy.”

For ministries to track the development of multiple infrastructure projects, a single portal was established. Later, the PM stated that over the next four to five years, the Center aims to build over 200 airports, helipads, and water aerodromes where planes may land in addition to almost tripling the current natural gas pipeline network of over 19,000 km.

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