Amlan Borgohain clocks 10.25 seconds to break 100m national record

24 Year Amlan Borgohain becomes India’s fastest man, runs 100m in 10.25 sec

India’s fastest man runs 100m Amlan Bogohain,  At the Inter-railway Athletics Championships in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh ran the men’s 100 metres in 10.25 seconds, breaking the previous record. In both sprint events, Amlan, 24, is currently the quickest in the nation.

He had already set a new national record for the men’s 200 metres in the Federation Cup earlier this year with a time of 20.52 seconds.

Amiya Kumar Malick previously held the 100-meter record with a time of 10.26. In comparison to his previous best time of 10.34 seconds, Amlan’s performance on Monday was noticeably better.

James Hillier, Amlan’s personal coach, attributes his better timing to the three months of effort put into improving his running posture and keeping it when he becomes weary.

“Two weeks ago, he ran really well in training. I had never seen somebody with a better posture than him. So I gave him a 100-meter test last week.

Throughout the timing gates, he ran quite well. So I was aware that the world record was in jeopardy. But I didn’t want to say anything and ruin it,” said coach Hillier, who works with Amlan at the Bhubaneshwar-based Odisha Reliance Foundation High-Performance Centre.

Amlan’s primary goals for this year are the National Games and the Open Nationals, therefore he might run more quickly.

“Also, it’s still early in the season in this part. His running this quickly is a bonus because I haven’t peaked him for this Railway’s Nationals.

At National Games and Open Nationals, I’ll try to beat him. This year, he also aimed to run a faster 100 metres and increase his top speed. That will also help him in the 200 metres, said Hillier.

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